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The 9 Best eCommerce Books for Shopify Entrepreneurs [2021]
December 10, 2020

It was Jim Rohn who said that “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” And in today’s rapidly evolving ecommerce market, you can’t afford to let a day slip by where you don’t learn something new. Books are the perfect way to discover new ideas. They allow you to peek […]

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5 Simple Steps to Become More Customer Service Oriented
December 7, 2020

A few winters ago, an 89-year-old man was trapped in his In Pelsynvanian home by a snowstorm. His daughter became worried he would run out of food. She frantically contacted every grocery store in the area, hoping to arrange delivery. But no luck. That is until she rang Trader Joe’s. The staff at Trader Joe’s […]

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How to Create an Inspiring Customer Service Philosophy
November 30, 2020

According to Microsoft, over 50% of Americans have stopped doing business with a company because of poor service. And while those heading for the door might cite things like ‘rude agents’ or ‘long wait times’ as the reason for their departure, often there are deeper issues at play here, namely the lack of a customer […]

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The No-BS Guide to Customer Satisfaction Metrics for Ecommerce
November 20, 2020

Every eCommerce merchant knows the key to a profitable and sustainable business is happy customers. But despite this, many ecommerce brands still don’t track customer satisfaction metrics. That’s a shame because knowing how customers feel is the starting point for improving just about every part of your customer experience. Thankfully, tracking customer service metrics is […]

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21 Must-See Customer Service Videos
November 12, 2020

Customer service videos are one of the best ways to level-up your customer support and enhance you customer experience. Think about it: They’re free. You can watch them anytime. You can pause them whenever you like. And best of all, they offer incredible insight from some of the world’s smartest minds. Here, we’ve curated a […]

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How to Deal With Rude Customers: 7 Time-Tested Strategies
October 29, 2020

Along with stubbed toes and intermittent WiFi, rude customers are up there with the most frustrating aspects of being a human. And as an ecommerce entrepreneur, regardless of what you’re selling, dealing with rude customers is an unavoidable part of the job. Handling such customers can be tricky business. It’s very tempting to bellow a […]

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